Childcare & Accessibility

Childcare & Eldercare

Write/Speak/Code is proud to offer childcare and eldercare for our events, including the seminal 4-day International Conference. Childcare will be available for the entire duration of the conference (4 days). In addition to noting childcare on your registration when you go to purchase your ticket, please email with your child's age, dietary restrictions, and play/nap needs.

Childcare will be provided by Sitters Studio and the caretaker and your child(ren) will remain on the premises unless specifically instructed otherwise.

Mother's Lactation Room

We will once again be offering a private Lactation Room for all attendees who may enjoy the comfort of sitting in quiet and privacy during the conference.

Often attendees who are in need of the Lactation Room want to know when they can schedule its use. Please take a look at our detailed schedule and plan around the activities and talks that you are eager to attend and be a part of.


Write/Speak/Code 2016 will beheld in a wheelchair accessible venue.

ASL interpreters will be made available as needed. In addition to noting your needs on your registration, please also email so that we can ensure that we meet your needs.

Ramadan Accomadations

Because the month of Ramadan falls during our conference, we have worked with our organizers and venue to provide a quiet space for all attendees who may be participating in their fast. While any attendee will have access to the Quiet Room, we ask that no food or beverages be taken in so that those observing Ramadan will not feel conflicted.

Want to learn more about Ramadan and the personal significance of the holiday to one of our own organizers? Check out our blog post written by Dalal Al Rayes and how we're accomodating observing attendees.


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