Code to change the world!

Code Day will turn you into an Open Source contributor! From git to licensing, you'll learn all about open source logistics and culture. Learn where to find projects and how to determine which projects are best for you. Get the low-down on how best to contribute and engage with open source maintainers. Publish and contribute to open source by the end of the day!

Publish a code project or a basic markdown page.

Contribute code, docs, tests, video, blogs, or promotion to open source projects.

Day 3 — Friday, June 17, 2016

  • How to find and choose projects.
  • What makes a helpful issue, bug report, and documentation.
  • Share your code & your project — in real life and digitally.
  • Contribute code for a feature or tests to an open source project.

Solidify your expertise, Communicate effectively, Share knowledge

Each day will be tailored to the experience and expertise of each attendee and will include:


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