Write/Speak/Code 2016 Schedule

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

All Wednesday Talk Descriptions | All Alumna Talk Descriptions
  First-year Track: Write Alumna Track: Leadership
8:00 am Registration & Breakfast
9:00 am Welcome
9:20 am

Alex Quin
Shaving my head made me a better programmer (slides)

10:00 am

Lauren Scott
How To Be Everything: A Look At The Way We Give Advice (slides)

10:40 am Icebreaker
11:00 am

Craft a powerful bio

Katherine Wu
Ask vs. Guess Culture Communication (slides)

11:35 am

Communication Workshop

12:25 pm

Leadership Workshop

1:00 pm Lunch with Chrys Wu, The New York Times Developers
2:00 pm

Writing for Developers Panel (slides)

Lauren Scott (Moderator) Chiu-ki Chan Tanya Schlusser Annyce Davis and Iris Amelia Febres

Heidi Waterhouse
Cassandra at the Keyboard
2:35 pm

Self-Care Workshop - Erin Obradovich & Kristina Vogt

3:00 pm

Topic Generation & Outlining

4:00 pm

Snack Break

Snack Break (in room)

4:10 pm

Writing and Feedback

Self-Care Workshop continued

5:35 pm

Annyce Davis
Say it with Video (slides)

6:30 pm Appreciations and Action Items
7:00pm Opening Night Party @ The Rec Room, 18 W Hubbard St

Thursday, June 16, 2016

All Thursday Talk Descriptions | All Alumna Talks Descriptions
  First-year Track: Speak Alumna Track: Visibility
9:00 am Welcome
9:10 am

Julianna Rusakiewicz
Communication and Collaboration: Lessons from the Performing Arts (slides)

10:00 am

Talk Proposals

Neha Batra
Branding is the most cringeworthy term you want to know about (slides)

10:35 am

Conference Organizers Panel (slides)

Chiu-ki Chan (Moderator), LaToya Allen, Elle Meredith, Tiffany Mikell, Carol Willing, Sarah Mei, and Naomi Ceder

Iris Amelia Febres
From Ink to Pixels: The Story within Ebooks (slides)

11:25 am

Write your own talk proposal

Liz Rush
Challenging & Democratizing Algorithm Development (slides)

12:05 pm

Project Brainstorming Workshop

1:00 pm Lunch with Meron Tamrat, Women Techmakers/Google
1:40 pm

Carina Zona
Rock That Q&A: Pro Tips for Speakers, Audiences, and Hosts

Yulia Ovchinnikova
Elemental SWOT: Embrace your inner entrepreneur (slides)

2:15 pm

Work on Talk

2:45 pm

Optional Q & A Roleplaying workshop (2:15-3:00pm)


2:50 pm

Project Discovery Workshop

3:45 pm

Snack Break (in room)

Snack Break

4:00 pm

Present Talk

Project Planning

5:40 pm

Naomi Ceder
It's not you, it's them: Reflections on being marginalized in STEM (slides)

6:30 pm Appreciations & Action Items

Friday, June 17, 2016

All Friday Talk Descriptions | All Alumna Talks Descriptions
  All Tracks Optional Talks
8:00 am

Carol Willing
Intro to Git & Github (slides)

9:00 am

Welcome and Breakfast

9:10 am

Civic hacking: build your cred while doing good (slides)

10:00 am

Project Shopping

10:35 am

First Years - Code
Alumna - Project Work

Rebecca Miller-Webster
Intro to Open Source

11:10 am

Cora Hays-Magan
Getting Over the Open Source Jitters (slides)

11:30 am

Tripta Gupta
Give Your Code the Documentation It Deserves: How Documentation Increases Code Quality (slides)

11:55 am

Liz Abinante
Writing Your First Ruby Gem (slides)

1:00 pm Lunch with Karen Nowicki, kCura
1:50 pm

First Years - Code
Alumna - Project Work

3:55 pm Break
4:10 pm Code or Project Work continued
4:35 pm Raffle
5:00 pm Alumna Presentations
5:35 pm

Coraline Ada Ehmke
Diversity in OSS: Are We As Open As Our Code?

6:00 pm Appreciations & Action Items
7:00 pm Meetup Chapter Summit @ Breather, 223 W Jackson

Saturday, June 18, 2016

All Saturday Talk Descriptions
Self-Care Day
10:00 am Welcome, Breakfast, & Mimosas!
10:15 am Cate Huston
Some things I've learned about color (slides)
11:05 am Allison McMillan
BDD: Baby Driven Development (slides)
11:45 Ashley Powell
Salary Negotiation for Women in Tech (slides)
12:30 pm Lunch with Annie Ruggles, Polymathic
1:30 pm Marylou Lenhart
Posture for Engineers (slides)
2:05 pm Lauren Fitzgerald
Addressing Emotional Labor in Your Tech Career (slides)
3:10 pm Iris Amelia Febres
Networking Forever (slides)
4:00 pm Conference Closing


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