Speak to change the world!

Speak Day will turn you into a conference speaker! From choosing a topic and creating slides to writing a proposal and public speaking, you will walk through all the steps necessary to become a technical speaker. Feedback on your proposal, presentation, and speaking from experienced women technical speakers and conference organizers will put you well on your way to becoming a confident, powerful speaker.

Speak publicly about yourself and your knowledge.

Create a talk proposal and slides for a presentation.

Day 2 — Thursday, June 16, 2016

  • What conference organizers look for when selecting speakers
  • How to find the perfect speaking opportunities for you
  • What makes some presentations more memorable than others
  • Receive individualed tips & tricks from experienced women speakers
  • Write a talk proposal & get feedback from women conference organizers
  • Give feedback on proposals, slides, and speaking to peers
  • Prepare slides for a technical talk
  • Give a presentation individually and/or with a group

Solidify your expertise, Communicate effectively, Share knowledge

Each day will be tailored to the experience and expertise of each attendee and will include:


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