Write to change the world!

Write Day is the foundation of Write/Speak/Code. Starting with the most common barrier to thought leadership, ourselves, we will tackle imposter syndrome and learn to own our expertise. By diving into your knowledge and experience, you will understand why your story is valuable to the world.

Write a list of topics to write or speak about and an outline and draft of one topic.

Craft a bio that best highlights your expertise — you are an expert.

Day 1 — Wednesday, June 15, 2016

  • How to overcome imposter syndrome and rule the world
  • The source of credibility and how to establish it
  • Powerful brainstorming exercises & outlining techniques you can use again & again
  • Writing opportunities for developers & the ins and outs of technical publishing
  • Craft a bio & deliver it with confidence
  • Frame yourself as an expert
  • Generate 20+ topics you can write or speak about
  • Outline a topic with a number of reusable techniques
  • Draft a blog post & get feedback from peers and mentors

Solidify your expertise, Communicate effectively, Share knowledge

Each day will be tailored to the experience and expertise of each attendee and will include:


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